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Dan from Dans.Reviews

Dan Salmassian is a leading authority on the very best chefs and restaurants of today. With an impressive following on social media Dan has the ability to influence his ever growing audience in an instant. 

Always hungry and never far from food, Dan's Reviews cut to the chase and dish out the facts. This is not a blog - rather short bite sized reviews of some of the best known restaurants side by side with the rising stars in the culinary world.

Dining out is a privilege. This site is dedicated to those unsung heroes of the kitchen without whom the restaurants would not be the success they are: the chefs.

Reading these pages will introduce you to who is cooking what, how it is served, ambience and what you can expect to pay for the privilege. If wine is your thing then head on over to Vivino where Dan is a featured writer.

If somewhere you want to try isn’t listed here yet - trust me it will be soon!